"Contact"  was something you used to hear yelled out in old war movies when someone had to crank over a fighter plane by manually swinging the propeller around.  The pilot would yell "Contact!" for some reason.  I don't know, I haven't given it any thought until just now.

Something I have given thought to however is having my email address on my blog for all the world to see.  Reasons for?  Y'all can email me if you want.  I like it.  Reasons against?  Spambots, weirdos, feeling of obligation to answer emails promptly, and all the stuff you can think of too.

But hey, here's the deal.  Feel free to email me.  I will try and answer you soon, but please don't be niggly if it takes a while, as I sometimes get a bit of stuff I have to do and have only limited writing stamina in a day.  I want to answer you properly, not just "yeah, hi, thx my favourite colour today is orange! OK Bai" or crap like that.  So that's cool then, yes?  Bring it on.

If you are a spambot (I know that Skynet is learning to read even now...) then go away: These aren't the droids you are looking for. You can go about your business.  Move along.

That should fool 'em.

So here's me:

Just a last thing.  I'm not really awesome about accepting praise.  Of course I love it, it can even make my day, but it's not something I ever feel really gracious about, although with practice I'm getting better.  And if U B a hatin' flamin' type, then prepare to get ignored.  See comment re droids, above.  I get more praise than challenge these days, which is fabbo, but if my reponse is a bit less than um, perfect, well I'm sorry but I haven't quite got the hang of it yet.  So as not to feed some ancient ego-monster, is the thing.  Practice, eh?