Saturday, June 30, 2012

Well, yes. Just well.

Wow. Well ... weird and weary, woozy but yes, well.
Wired,wandering and wending with no vested intent but vaguely westward.
Wonderful, in its way.

This is me just reflecting myself as it gets onto 48 hours since my last feed.  A few half-cups of kefir is all, to settle the stomach. Seems to help things be smooth.  The mind mainly slickly moves to match my body, or perhaps it is the other way around.  Spirit; it is centred, so it seems, which is enough.

The only thing that isn't slower now is the rate of change. That's rather the reverse, my body is shutting down faster now, a pace is gently picking up.  So I shan't stay here writing long, I'm off to stand while standing is still something I can do, in the patch of warm sun, doing what it does, late on this beautiful day.

Live your moment well too.


  1. Thank you for the update!
    While respecting your views on spirituality, I have been praying for you as you walk to the end of the road. Personally, I am a firm believer in Jesus and I'm excited for you that you will be in his midst soon.....however, selfishly, I am saddened that those of us still here will miss your wit, humor, courage, knowledge, and presence.
    May you be blessed every step of your path by the great God of light. May the sun shine upon you; may the moon move the tide of your emotion with every grace and magic; may your heart sing; may your hearth be warm; and may your every blessed day be filled with joy.
    Godspeed witty warrior!

  2. How amazing was the light today? It was as if everything stepped forward from of the blue! :) xx

  3. Dear Eric, Sharing your journey has been an enlightening and comforting presence in my life. Thank you for writing it all down. You are one of life's treasures and I cherish having known you over the ether. Wishing you peace, gentleness and sweet dreams. With love, Becky x

  4. The warm hug of the sun to be enjoyed, standing while you can, before nightfall comes. Peace, warmth and comfort (far too new) friend