Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aah, that's better

You must know that feeling.  The one where you didn't realise you hadn't been for a couple of days.  "Why am I feeling so sluggish?" you might ask yourself.  Then maybe there's a bit of a nagging feeling deep down in your gut.  Eventually, it dawns on you, and sometime later - often with a great sense of relief and release, sometimes after a bit of a struggle - all comes to pass.

I was talking about constipation there, btw.

What I've just done is quite similar.  I just deleted 4 draft blogs, all quite largish, so a total somewhere upwards of 5 or 6000 words.  Maybe 10,000, I don't have a real accurate feel for word count as yet.  Lots of what I had written was actually quite good, from the brief glance I had just then, but it was all as I'd mentioned before - trying.  I was loathe to let it go because of the time and thought that had gone into it, but now that it's gone I feel so much lighter both here in blogworld and in my body.

Here's the thing:  I had quite a lot to say on a particular broad topic, but deep down I wished I had nothing to say at all about it.  Writing it was a way of trying to expel the thoughts, but of course as we know, whatever we give any energy to only grows.  What we resist persists, as it were.

All of this is the main reason I've not posted here for many days.  Now I'm nicely empty something good and juicy is bound to come our way soon.  You'll be either the first or the second to know.


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