Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Things I want right now #1.

OK, time to fess up to this.  I've been sitting on it for a while now but I really do need to 'out' something here.  Giving up food is really, really hard.  The hardest part in one way is that for most of the time, it's just not an issue at all.  And then comes a moment; an inkling, a memory, an association......

(for those who've just joined us, I cannot eat the usual way; I have a feeding tube direct to my stomach)

They say that nicotine is a really hard addiction to conquer.  I used to quip that I was great at quitting smoking, it was easy, I'd done it heaps of times.  And then I truly did., I'm not exactly sure when but well over a year ago now.  It was actually far easier than I had built it up to be in my head, and the process really didn't take that long.  The aftershocks still pass by every now and then but they're so incredibly fleeting (like "oh look, I just remembered something I used to like about smoking...glad that's gone") and typically they only happen with strong external stimulus, like a movie where people really get off on smoking lots.

Food's a bit deeper than that, I'm finding.  I guess at its simplest because it's necessary for life - hardwired in.  Those cave paintings of herd animals are quite possibly from being hungry, holed up one long winter, and really wanting a good roast bison, just like mama makes.

So I'm going to start this experiment and just post up what is going on with my food longings as they occur.  There is no sense or logic to them, it can be anything at all, and as often as not something I either never really liked or have never had.

Tonight, the thing I can't shake is

Deep Fried Camembert, with a spicy plum and quince dipping sauce.

Such a simple thing, take a round of camembert, cut it up into little wedges, dip in egg, breadcrumbs, and deep fry the heck out of it for a really short time.  The textures are marvellous, and the combination of savoury crumb, aged bitey outer rind and creamy inner of the camembert with a sweet, slightly hot and sharp richness in the sauce is a mating of genius.

I don't know the history of this peculiar but now so-retro-it's-passe-already-again dish but I do believe it will stand the test of time and remain loved for centuries to come.  I want some now.

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