Thursday, March 31, 2011


B 2000 16.1HH
By Zabeel - Assertive Lass (Zeditave)

Reset, in another sense, is what I'm going through right now.  If I were a thoroughbred horse, I wouldn't be a Reset, or probably any sort of Zabeel progeny anyway.  I'm more your Shogun Lodge.  I always loved that horse, for some strange reason.

Anyway, horses aside (except in my channelling of the Horse Ancestors on my little quest right now) I expect I'll be offline for a wee moment as  I have to go with my gut here and listen to the theme song playing in the background, dance to this tune, and go through it.  Time for another chrysalis moment then.

That's a thing I love about respite.  I sort of 'save up' some of the more intense psychic/spiritual/energetic stuff that needs doing for these respite weeks, as I know I will be relatively alone and free of ordinary day-to-day responsibility.  I can be as 'crazy' (free) in my head and heart as I need to be without the distractions of dogs who love games, cats who lie on computer keyboards, gardens who like water, and of course wives who tantalise with their friendly charms.  The other thing that is part of my domestic reality these days though is The Social Online World.  It's good, it's educative and illustrative of oneself in a similar way to having F2F conversations used to be back in the days when they could happen, but still......

Really this is just a post about nothing because I cannot say what is about to take place, except that from the outside it might well look like a personality reset or renovation and/or replacement of sorts.  It has the last few times, for a while afterwards at least.  Speaking of at least, at least I'm getting better at recognizing the signs earlier and getting braver about letting myself fall over into it earlier too, rather than waiting for the external pressures of my acting out and manifesting unconsciously to push me off this cliff again.  I'll certainly be making more sense thereafter also - fear not.

So this post is also to say sorry to anyone I've abraded the last few days.  Oops, yes, sorry.  If I said something that rankled, well, I probably do mean it, but probably not in the way it seems.  Tact and patience with language go awol at times like these, shucking the husk of social nicety that is the very thing we usually use to convey our genuine compassion whilst expressing a different viewpoint from our interlocutors'.

Also, lastly, just letting y'all know I'm not being rude if I choose not to 'like'your status on FB or respond quickly to your email.  I might, or might not, can't say.

Right, so, see you on the other side!  In the words of Sandman; "I choose to start this"


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