Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shop To Win Part 2

In our last instalment, I suggested that there were broadly speaking two very simple internal states to master in order to ensure perfect fulfilment in all your shopping experiences, and we introduced you to the first tate, The Hunter.  Go there now if you've just tuned in and have not read that part already.

So welcome to Part 2, we'll get straight on with it.

State 2:  The Amble.

In a way, this is the diametric opposite of The Hunter, in that you have no real intended target at all.  No seek-out-and-capture action, no constant focus on the original mission is required.

But why even have another state when The Hunter can surely provide all your needs?

Because of imperfection, that's why.  There will be times when you cannot know ahead of time what it actually is you need and want.  There will also be times when Hunting that suddenly a new off-mission target sparks your Inspiration sensors and you are moved to act.  In order to successfully move within this universe we must know how to act from a space of intention (Hunting) and a space of flow (The Amble)

At first look, the concept of Ambling might seem to imply (as illustrated above) a recipe for hopelessness, a non-method of producing mediocrity and entropy, a way of dimness and incompetence.

Not at all.

Because this is a conscious decision to Amble appropriately.  Sometimes has disastrous consequences crossing busy highways, for example, but amazingly - not usually.

Achieving the State.

Step 1:  What it isn't.
There is an absolute negative that must be in place here, firmly, and without doubt.  If you cannot achieve it, the Amble will most likely not work.  It's very, very simple:

You must be perfectly prepared, and perfectly content, to buy nothing.  To return home with no new thing.

This is because to Amble successfully you must be in a 'needless' state.  certainly, there may be that mental list of things rattling around that you are on the lookout for, or that you know you like to encounter, but that's where it ends.  No consolation spending, not even "well, if I don't find anything I really want then I'll have an extra nice lunch" or somesuch nonsense.

This is not retail therapy.  If there is desperation, or emotional need to part with money, do not - ever - expect to be fulfilled by shopping.

Now we have the negatives squared away, the real secrets to fulfilment in the consumer commerce sector can start to be opened to you.  Here's the first secret:

Shopping is made up of people, not things.  This includes you.  It is an action, a verb, a "doing word" and this only generally happens with inanimate objects when gravity unexpectedly becomes involved or when observed over a long period of time.  We call that entropy.  So although on your Amble you will be - on the surface of things - focussed on product, promotion, produce and all of that, in reality you will be entering the world of people in a particularly conscious way.  You'll see.

Step 2:  Go somewhere.
This is easy, just choose a shopping place (you knew where you were going before you even knew you wanted to go shopping, so go there).

Step 3:  Noticing.
We know what we aren't, we know where we are.  If you've driven a vehicle, halfway from it to the first doorway of your vehicle or at another appropriate moment, stop - turn around - look back - and notice your vehicle.  If you've got there some other way, do the same with the bus stop, taxi rank or whatever.  Look down at your feet - THIS IS IMPORTANT - spend a second seeing your feet and the ground at the same time (look not being unkind, but if you're say really large or can't see your feet for some reason or are in a wheelchair or whatever, then it's important to imagine yourself doing this, or use a shop-window mirror or something) and when you understand your groundedness, continue on with your journey.  You will now remain connected with all you need to be connected to.  This is what makes the Amble fulfilling, what gives it its special manifesting powers.

Now, as you Amble into the shopping zone, Notice yourself constantly.  Self-assess for the Gruen trance.  If it happens, remember your feet.  If you have difficulty coming back, remember where you put your vehicle or how you got there.  Good.  Now carry on.  You enter the wave.

Step 4:  The Wave.
This isn't really a step at all, because it's just a thing that happens now on your Amble.  You'll be Noticing yourself, and stuff, yourself, stuff, yourself, stuff, etc etc.  The inward and outward perspectives ebb and flow back and forth and enable you to see, feel, or otherwise apprehend your relationship with the stuff that comprises product, promotion, and produce.  regardless of how awesome the stuff you see is, it's your reaction to it that drives the process.

Here's the thing though; you'll also find yourself noticing people - individually and as groups.  Occasionally as a species.  These are your 'signpost' moments. 

The people will lead you to where you need to be.  This is the heart of the Amble.  Just head in the direction of 'people energy' that attracts you.  You are grounded, and balanced between detachment and seeking, so all will work out well.  If it suddenly seems like you've dead-ended, no problem - just catch the next attractive 'people energy' wave that comes by and go that way.  Keep noticing.

You will know when it's done.  This is always clear.

So, even if you didn't buy a thing, I'll guarantee you that you had a meaningful outing and learned something new and profound - regardless of whether you understand it right now or not.

Beats 'retail therapy' hands down.  Usually much cheaper also :-)

Tune in again for the third and final instalment, where as advertised we bring it all together.....

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