Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Wood Thrush, South Dakota.

Funny how things go, isn't it?  I just got the lab results back from a swab taken of my stoma site following last week's flare-up.  Apparently I had one of these things there.  You'd have thought I'd have noticed,  but apparently they can be very small.  Couldn't tell if it was a wood thrush or a mistle thrush or what.  I liked the doc's comment of "no further treatment required".  Nothing wrong with a nice healthy little songbird now is there?  Certainly explains the total lack of insects about my person too.

I didn't expect such a thing, but then again my system is a little unusual these days so I guess I might create the odd special niche for life to grow in new and interesting ways.  BTW, it's all fine now.  The bird and me have made a cordial accord, it seems.

Remember kids, life will always get in wherever it can.....

...so always pack clean, or at least fun, underwear.

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