Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Humble Request

Reading back a few posts, you'll see I have been a bit overwhelmed by the love and kindness of so many.  Well, since that last post I took quite a dive and now the new plateau stretching out before me has much more of a feel of gradient.  In short, I'm going an little downhill, a little faster, and am more awed then ever that just sharing my journey on Facebook and here brings so many others such.....I don't know....good.....stuff.  (If you're new here, please try reading THIS first )

People keep asking how they can help.  A friend made a suggestion.  Here it is:

Please go there and consider a donation towards the cost of my natural burial at Fremantle cemetery.  I'd love you to come, too, as it will be a great day whenever it comes - not a sombre affair in the least.  A celebration of all the life and loves I've lived and shared and believe me....there's been some.

There's more info on the link.

You can find out more about natural burials at Fremantle HERE.

Thank you.

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