Monday, June 6, 2011

Just a little overwhelming.

I posted the other day on - well, what else do most people blog about but themselves? I guess it was a bit more raw subject matter than you might see any day of the week, but my rules as laid out when I started this blogging caper were essentially condensable to one - honesty.  You can read it HERE if you've not done so already.

Thins is, it feels like it went just a tiny bit viral.  Not VIRAL viral, but a few friends posted it out to their networks, get the idea.  I've been getting emails and messages from people I've never even met online - messages of such love and compassion and honesty that; look, I was hoping not to cry any more today but here I go again.  And I'm just a little bit overwhelmed.

I can't keep up right now with answering everyone personally, but I will get there, I promise.  This post is just to say thank you to everyone.  I'm guessing from what many people have written that there are lots more who have read the post, had some things they might have wanted to say, but not known how to say them.  This post is to thank you as well.  The thoughts really do count, I'm sure.

Honestly, I just wanted to express what it's like to be in a spot like mine is like right now, because I figured that on the one hand it's pretty unique, but on the other....we're all there, all the time.  I didn't think it would lead to me feeling so loved, or to hearing so many wonderful stories of other's amazing journeys, or to hear so many heartfelt words of spirit and spirituality.

I'll answer you all, but for now, thank you.  All of you.


  1. You haven't really met me either. I loved reading your posts on the blenderized diet group and have checked in here with varying regularity. I don't post often, but I want you to know how much I've enjoyed your particular outlook on life. You've been a tremendous inspiration to me with regards to feeding my son. I was always convinced that he needed real food despite having a tube, but you helped me not worry so much about exactly how I was doing it. I've also used some of the things you've said as an adult on a tube to help convince professionals that tube feeding really feels better. I would love to come to your party and meet you in person, unfortunately a ticket to Australia isn't in my budget right now.
    Kara from the USA

  2. Eric, your amusing and positive outlook on life has been inspirational to many of us. I also love hearing from a fellow Aussie!

    My nearly 10 year old daughter is tube fed, she is also non-verbal and so I have loved hearing your point of view on tube feedings and giving blended food. She can't tell me what it's like but people like you can and so I feel that in a way yourself and other adults who write about their feeding experiences have given me an insight into my daughter. Thankyou! Like so many parents we approached the tube with fear and trepidation, now we love it.

    Your "you start with a tube" blog is a brilliant resource and I continue to post it on privately to any new members of the "other" group - I remain a silent member and try and keep out of trouble!

    I hope that you pass into the next phase of your illness pain free and at peace.

    Love from Jayne & Jessica (& Thermie the Thermomix - which I know you are jealous off!!!)

  3. I benefitted from you comments, as well, on the blended diet site. Glad you are feeling loved and appreciated. Prayers that God will personally take your hand and lead you the rest of your journey. Diana Geist

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