Saturday, February 27, 2010

New links added

Everyone, you might notice there's a new section over on the left there, down a bit, with links to a couple of sites.  It's not going to be a big list as I'm pretty picky, but I love these two. 

There is The Herbalist,  a site of my friend Dipaunka who, you guessed it, is an exceptionally good herbalist and natural healer, among other talents and attributes.  There's lots of stuff there about herbs, food, health, and it's a good link point to stacks of other great sites too.

Also, I have linked the Blenderized Diet group - it's a Yahoo group.  This is a lot more specialised, being a supportive forum for those who are tube-fed (like me) or care for someone who is and who are into the benefits of ingesting Real Food rather than just canned medical formulas.  If this is you, you'll find it the best resource on the net.  Plus, everyone there seems to be a top person. 

If you know of a site that might interest me or other readers here, please just pop it in the 'comments' box and we'll have a look see.

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