Thursday, February 25, 2010

Strange Love Part II - now with added Strange

Just a thing that popped in to my head following the last post.

I once saw a film, cannot for the life of me remember the name of it, but it was some American rom-com thing and (if my memory is any guide at all) mainly forgettable.  Something about a soon-to-be-wed young couple learning some of life's lessons in small-town middle America.  BUT, one moment has stuck firmly in my mind.

John Goodman was playing a kindly redneck type, and in this scene he and a friend or two were drunkenly holding forth to the young male lead, opining on the subject of relationships.  He makes sure he has his listener's full attention, and slurringly but intensely begins,

"You always gotta remember...... the thing is...."
"The only thing you always gotta remember, the secret to a successful marriage...."
"You always gotta remember.......there's another person there."

Maybe it should be like the 11th Commandment or something.  Or the 1st Commandment of Harmonious Relating.  Or the 1st Law of Healthy Resolution to Differences of Opinion (Conflict).

Wisdom can come from the most unlikely sources, yes?  Anyone know the movie?

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