Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I've got worms! Yay!

Just thought I'd share that.

"Build it and they will come"  Someone says that, don't they?

As you may be aware, we've been working slowly at bringing some life back to our garden.  The soil here wants to be good soil, it just needs a bit of help and some more livingness.

Earlier today I was fartoodling about with the Vitamix, just about to fire up a blend, when Meeta called out - "We've got worms!"  She was planting out one of the new tea roses, having a few days ago applied some gypsum, humus, and good ol' pea straw to the spot to help loosen and enliven the soil, and when peeling back the top layer, came across a bunch of big fat wrigglers doin' their funky thang.  OK, so maybe you aren't that excited about finding worms, but in so many ways it's a minor miracle.  Our block is dry as a dead dingo's....well, we still haven't got any rain, put it that way.  What used to be lawnish when we moved in at the end of last rainy season is a bare hardpan with a coating of dry sandy dusty stuff and where this planting was taking place we hadn't really done anything much mulch-and-water wise until just those couple of days ago.

Serving suggestion. 
Picture for illustration purposes only.

I feel like we're being acknowledged for doing something good.

So today I am enjoying a full woodbasket and nice stack of freshly split kindling, so I feel terribly, terribly wealthy and well set up.  I am off to a Bowen session very soon, which can only be great, really.  I am luxuriating in the joy of bare feet for the first time in weeks, as it has become unseasonably warm and lovely this afternoon (but it'll be a cold night for sure, light the fire - nice).  Our garden is adorned with two new tea roses and a hardenbergia.  The new blend is a gorgeous dark beige and the most pleasantly perfumed yet with notes of cardamom, fennel and mango on top of a layer of bittersweet dark chocolate and base notes of musky fresh cummin seed and almond.  Plus, we have been blessed by the worms.

Simple pleasures, eh?  Time to stop and smell the compost.

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