Thursday, May 27, 2010

To everything; turn, turn, turn.

There is a season; turn, turn, turn,
And a time for every purpose,
Under heaven.
 - Ecclesiastes via The Seekers.

It occurs to me that Ecclesiastes should be some kind of fruit-fllled super-pastry, like a meta-eccles cake.  Imagine a multi-dimensional pastry full of divinely tasty fruits-of-the-gods goodness yet appearing for all the world just like those late eighteenth century creations from Eccles, England.  Mm.

But I digress.  Sorry, had a little moment there.

This post is to commemorate Drusilla.  You remember her, the philosopher rabbit.  Sister to Hamish the (late) daredevil stunt rabbit.  Well, i am here to announce that Drusilla and I are more completely as one than ever now.  She has returned to the Universal Beige.  Been released from this mortal coil, let go of the order of being her Drusillan self and become subsumed into the great chaotic carbon cycle of creation - bodily at least.

Well, she asked for it.

A picture of equanimity - beyond patience is this one, mm.

It was simply time.  There were no tearful farewells, because she was after all made of chocolate.  Chocolate cannot cry, and I do not cry for chocolate. Well, not lately I haven't anyway.  We just looked at each other, remembered our last conversation, and knew.  Plus, I ran out of other chocolate over a week ago and haven't had any since.

Odd blend this time, here's what went in
(remembering of course that I don't always.  Remember, that is)

Sesame seeds, a short pouring.
Almonds, maybe 30.  Yes, probably only 30 or so.
Walnuts. No, wait, pecans, sorry.  Say a decent handful.
A banana.  I had one frozen and thawed it.  It felt horrid when I was peeling it.
Fair big chunk of raw sweet potato, as usual.
Guavas, about 3 medium ones
Flaxseed oil, a large glug
Olive oil, a larger glug
Cardamom, ginger (both ground) and fennel seeds.
Oat milk
Love and gratitude, a representative moment of each.

The last goodbye.

Drusilla was really happy, happier than she's been the whole time she's hung around on our kitchen table, and she's been pretty happy to do that too.  I wouldn't ever let a rabbit be unhappy.

Next time I have a pair of chocolate rabbits I shall call them Lorraine and Deirdre.  There will be a narrative of their life here where decisions must be made about who is to go first, because consigning two rabbits to the angular momentum soul liberator at once is just too much.  They will tell me that I must, truly must, atomise and consume Lorraine first.

And when that's done, and Lorraine has become through the actions of the VitaMix deity and my digestive tract become as embeigened as can be, I shall look across at my remaining rabbit, and in a slightly twangy country-style voice sing:

"I can eat Deidre now Lorraine has gone....."
  - (to the tune of I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash)

Thanks, you've been a wonderful audience.

Remains of the day.

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