Friday, August 6, 2010

The 99th post

Well, I never really gave it that much thought when I started.

Then I notice, all of a sudden, there are very nearly one hundred posts here on this blog.  I had no really clear reason for starting this whole thing, and over time I've become no more clear in truth, but many things have occurred to me.  It still feels a good thing to do.  I didn't set out to be famous, although I admit to vanity.  The aim wasn't to change the world, although I love it when someone is moved in a good way.

Just recently blogger (that's google btw) has made an easy-to-use stats function so you can see how many people are viewing your stuff, what country they're from, all sorts of things.  It started in July only, so there aren't stats before then.  But when I found this out, and had a look, I was frankly astounded.  I had no idea.  Comments and emails I get had given me great feedback, and an inkling that there were some regular readers out there, and maybe a month or two into the blogging thing I started to feel a little kindredness with this imagined or perhaps illusory audience.  Then I looked at the updated July stats a week later, wondering if I'd misread, or if it was a 'new thing' glitch, but no....a far, far higher magnitude of people seem to be dropping by both this and my tubey blog (about equal numbers interestingly) than my biggest estimates had suggested; and coming back too.  Plus it seems to be growing.

It made me feel really rather - and unexpectedly - loved, so thanks everyone.  Then naturally I had to clean up and let go of that and not become a stats obsessive.  Which I have done now.  Still, it was a great moment for me and I am grateful.

Writing the blog has brought me new friendships and helped enliven some old ones; for this I am grateful also.

Next of course will be my 100th post.  So I thought what with 100 being a milestone number in the base 10 mathematical system with which we have largely constructed our physical (and some would say spiritual) view of the universe, I might make it a special post.  I saw it coming a couple of days ago and have made a start on what I think it will be.  No teaser, no spoiler here though.  Except to say it might be long, and it hopefully will live up to my depth of feeling on the subject matter.

I like the idea of 100 more.  We'll see, yes?

In the meantime, I saw this and thought of you.

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