Sunday, August 22, 2010

Things I want right now #5

I've mentioned previously in this series the odd triggers that can cause these craving moments.  Just now I was standing with my back leaning against the kitchen sink, holding my wife's hand in a moment of contented coupledom, idly wondering also whether I should clean the stovetop soon, as my eye wandered down to the stove knobs, and the one in the middle, marked "Grill".

I have never used the grill in this oven, as I was not eating when we moved here.  I wondered whether it was a self-igniter (it's a gas stove, with a 'clicker') or if the igniter only worked for the oven.  Then suddenly, I imagined myself pulling out the tray to reveal hot, sizzling...

Grilled cheese and onion with jalapenos (pickled, sliced) and a slice of tomato on crusty white bread.

Mm.  That is all.

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