Wednesday, March 24, 2010

and then the rain came down

Thanks everyone for your efforts, the rain is most welcome.  I was safely tucked up in my respite quarters when the rain came in and had a beautiful view.  We've had a couple of good showers since, so it feels wonderful.  Luckily we have also avoided the big nasty storms that landed around Perth not far away.  Perhaps some of you were just a bit too energetic and perhaps a bit off-target with your rain dances??

Anyway, following a couple of minor hitches due to (our telecom company) Telstra's exceeding fabulosity (yes, this is sarcasm) I am now wirelessly enabled for these internetty things and have received and activated my new iPhone to boot.  Suddenly I have this weird sensation of being *so 2008* in the consumer techysphere, rather than my usual feeling of *just enough up-to-date to function OK.*  I think the iPhone will provide good service for the future too.  Seems a robust unit.  Next step after I'm home is to download and start with the Proloquo2Go (when my high-spec speaker case also arrives, that is - apparently you really do need the speakers) and then we can start having a bit more fun with words out loud again.

Respite is different this time.  Very quiet, I had the ward to myself when I arrived.  I guess the main difference is a lack of apprehension - I know more or less how it will all be.  The energy here is *down*, but not in a bad way.  There is a sort of movement in the air towards the peaceful aspects of death (such as we like to imagine it), and of course there aren't the usual distractions and habits one has at home:  so lots of just sitting is in order. So *down* as in closer to the ground.

Farting also - crikey, did you hear that?

I am taking some antibiotics again - long story, more later - and they are making me most effulgent with the lower-case loud but(t) non-verbal expression.  If I were a boxer I would take the name Gaseous Clay - floats like a Butterfly, stinks like a Skunk.

Sorry, where was I?  Oh yes, much watching of Star Trek The Next Generation reruns also.  You forget how camp it was.  Also how weirdly addictive.

Home Friday.

Awesomeness of pic from HTB.

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