Saturday, March 13, 2010

Today's blend; not beige, actually.

Finished the last of a blend late yesterday, so naturally today I fired up the mighty Vitamix again.  Here's what went in (no particular order apart from my memory):

Walnuts, maybe half a cup
Sesame seeds, about 2 Tbspn
Sunflower kernels, say 1/3 cup
Quinoa (red) approx 1/3 cup
Organic 4 bean mix, 1 tin
Rather large fresh beetroot, 1 of
Medium fennel bulb
Medium lebanese cucumber
Garlic, a few cloves
Olive oil (extra virgin), a big gush, say 4 Tbspns
Flaxseed meal, about 1 Tbspn
Wakame seaweed, a large pinch
5cms turmeric root
A lime (peeled)
Almonds, about 2/3 cup
Organic oat milk, 1 litre
5 blue M&Ms

I think that's about it.  Ended up with 2 litres of quite thick blend so I made 5 X 400 mls serves.  The experienced among you will see that I'm not especially bothered by calorie count, and I'd be surprised if this made more than about 900-1000Kcal per serve.  Especially unbothered this time, hence the absence of any serious rice or grain or starch inclusion.  This lack of starch (the major beige-er) has allowed the beetroot to shine its colour through (and it was quite a large dark specimen) and produce a resplendent puce colour, reminiscent of my parents' erstwhile Mini done in "Plum Loco" duco.  They used to enjoy parking it whenever possible beside or between the other local Minis in Lemon and Lime tones.  Truly hideous, but I loved that car.

The blue M&Ms?  Meeta was eating some and she doesn't eat the blue ones.  They were just there at the right time.

Not that I've gone off beige, mind.  Just sharing, is all :-)


  1. I felt you were a bit blahed by the beige a couple of posts back. Ordinariness (boringness!) goes against everything our culture screams at us to be, does it not?
    Get into that seaweed, the japanese know plenty about healthy living.
    lots of love,

  2. LOL! Love that you added the M&Ms!! I was looking for a picture since I can't grasp the color you described. Maybe next time?