Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Modern History 101

I'm reading Alan Alda's autobiography, Never Have Your Dog Stuffed, and it is rather good so far.  For those who may read it later, there are no spoilers here.  So you can safely read on.

In it, he describes a very short vaudeville/burlesque 'blackout' skit he knew from his childhood.  A 'blackout' being one that closes the show or part of a show and ends with the stage lights going out.

It is indeed brief, but I agree with him that it is a perfect and complete analysis of all of modern history.

(Two men onstage)
FIRST MAN:  You will.
SECOND MAN:  I won't.
FIRST MAN:  You will!
SECOND MAN:  I won't!
FIRST MAN:  You will!!
SECOND MAN:  I won't!!
(First Man takes out a gun and shoots Second Man dead)
FIRST MAN:  You will!!

Is there anything else to say, really?

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